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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
My sister is visiting to help organize my husband's collection. She is a wizard at this sort of thing and loves doing projects like this. My husband and I were talking about how much you discover about your collection when you catalog everything. I was telling him that when my sister organized my yarn I discovered how many neat things I have and that I couldn't imagine buying any more yarn. However, I continue to buy yarn.I think it's because I get the idea for a project, like socks, and then decide everybody I know should have a pair of socks knit by me!! So of course I need to buy a ton of yarn! The road to hell may be paved with my yarn stash.
I also love to make baby things because they knit up so quickly and let's face it; they are adorable. Fortunately, my husband's daughter has a baby daughter that I can bestow with items.
Okay, time to start dinner......

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