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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
My sister is visiting to help organize my husband's collection. She is a wizard at this sort of thing and loves doing projects like this. My husband and I were talking about how much you discover about your collection when you catalog everything. I was telling him that when my sister organized my yarn I discovered how many neat things I have and that I couldn't imagine buying any more yarn. However, I continue to buy yarn.I think it's because I get the idea for a project, like socks, and then decide everybody I know should have a pair of socks knit by me!! So of course I need to buy a ton of yarn! The road to hell may be paved with my yarn stash.
I also love to make baby things because they knit up so quickly and let's face it; they are adorable. Fortunately, my husband's daughter has a baby daughter that I can bestow with items.
Okay, time to start dinner......
Thursday, September 04, 2003
NetRing: Knitting Bloggers
After spending the summer not feeling anything like myself I am finally getting back to normal. The knitting blogs kept me entertained and picqued my interest so thanks to my son I now have one of my own. Part of my recovery has been spent thinking about how I can incorporate knitting into something worthwhile, fun and satisfying and those ideas are still gelling. I am interested in one blogger from Japan who knits for preemie babies in ICU. Her first experience with knitting for the babies ended not so happily when the items she knit all felted during the washing process because she used the incorrect kind of wool. So there are lots of lessons already learned for me!
On another note, my sister is here visiting me. She is the queen of organization and she is helping me organize my vast collection of wool. It's a bit overwhelming and I'm so glad that I didn't buy anymore yarn when we went out yesterday. I have enough yarn to knit my own flock of sheep!

Sunday, August 10, 2003
This is a big surprise for me. My son set this up for me so I can participate instead of watching from the outside looking at all the fun stuff everybody is doing. Hopefully, I can offer some interesting and fun ideas. Let's Blog!!
Today is my birthday!

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